Community Outreach

Too many children have limited choices growing up. They come from broken homes and have no adult role models. They see violence, crime and drugs as a way of life. If a child sees a better way to a healthy and happy life, he or she will invariably choose that option. We hope to show them a path to a more successful future. One of our goals at The Tucson Youth Officiating Program is to help at risk youths throughout the city and state grow, be healthy and develop the tools they need to become successful adults.

Basketball officiating does just that. It gives kids a sense of belonging, a sense of self-worth. Through officiating, kids can build relationships and networks while giving them a sense of community and belonging. They will share in mentor and mentee programs as well as providing themselves with a great part time job.

And Sports officiating teaches us so much more. Referees learn values such as: Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability. It also teaches us Discipline, Loyalty, Respect for self and others as well as Self-confidence. Through officiating, these youths will learn the life skills of Communication, Patience, Courage, Humility, Teamwork and Tolerance. Basketball referees are leaders among their peers and in their communities.

With help from the program staff, mentors and the support of the community, The Tucson Youth Officiating Program will make positive changes in the lives of our youth.