About Us

The Tucson Junior Officiating Program was created for three reasons: to increase the numbers of officials in the community; to teach kids life skills while keeping them connected with the game; and to provide underprivileged youths with a pathway to opportunity and success through officiating basketball.

First, there is a serious shortage of basketball referees in Southern Arizona. As the numbers of schools increase, the numbers of officials in the area remains the same. In short, there are simply not enough referees to cover all the games on any given night. It is our desire to introduce young men and women to officiating to ease the pressure created by the lack of numbers while ensuring that qualified officials cover every game.

Second, basketball officiating provides athletes and others with an opportunity to stay connected to the game. It also gives them access to a terrific part time job, a potential career path and the skill set to a successful future. Not every high school athlete will go on to compete at a higher level. However, officiating provides the opportunity for those who love the game to not only stay connected but to be an integral part of the game. Where else can a kid, or anyone for that matter, earn money while doing something that they love to do. Basketball is on the rise. There will always be a need for officials. And some take it to the ultimate level and officiate basketball as a career.

Finally, The Tucson School of Officiating is especially committed to helping those in need. The opportunities that officiating can provide have the potential to help a young person makes changes in their life and put them on a path to success. Officiating will expose these youths to a network of professionals and people from all walks of life. It involves them in mentorship programs and teaches them life skills necessary to lead healthy and productive lives. We are proud to help these kids discover their own abilities and potential while finding their way to a happy adult life.